Wednesday, August 22, 2012


 What a week! This is only the 5th day of school and I already feel like I am being pulled in every which direction! My caseload is the biggest it has ever been and it keeps growing! I feel like everything is on fast forward!

This week has been all about learning about  my new move in and transfer students. I have also been assessing them to see where they are working so I have a good feel of where I need to put them through out my curriculum.

My principal has set my schedule for me (a blessing in disguise!) I just wish I had the kiddos a little bit longer! I feel like just as we get going it is time for them to go! I know that it will improve as the year goes on, but there is so much I NEED to do with them!

Is anyone feeling the same way I am?

Anyways that is all for now! I am off to relax and try to catch up on a week and a half worth of tv shows on my Tivo and 4 Netflix Movies!


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