Saturday, August 4, 2012


Hello everyone! This is my first time to ever do a blog, so hang in there with me! I have just recently started to follow multiple blogs and I have become addicted! There are so many great ideas for the classroom out there!

Me in a Nutshell
I guess I should probably introduce myself! My name is Audra and I will begin my 6th year teaching mild/moderate special education for K-6! My friends tell me I am an Soon-hoos-jun (your probably think, "what in the world!") let me explain in a nutshell...I was born in Oklahoma, moved to Indiana when I was 2, 14 years later (middle of my junior year of high school) moved back to Oklahoma and have been here ever since (wouldn't trade it or the school I work at for anything!) You are probably wondering where the "jun" comes from....both my parents are from Louisiana and my extended family is still there, so the "jun" is for Cajun. I might not have lived in Louisiana but I was raised by cajuns and raised to bleed purple and gold! GEAUX TIGERS!

I am a HUGE college football fan...obviously LSU is my team! Which makes for an interesting time during football season in Sooner and Cowboy country. Which my older students love to "give me hard time" whenever LSU looses or beats one of their teams. It is all in good spirit!

Naming of the Blog
My name is Audra, right? Well it is pronounced  odd-dra, and my middle name is Lee. One night in high school, my friends and I were bowling and my friend James decided he wasn't going to put my whole name for score keeping...he decided he was going to put AudLee (pronounced Oddly). Well it has stuck! My best friend Ally has since shortened it to Aud. So...that is how my blog name was born! Essentially the blog is called The 'Odd' Classroom.

"Hey Aud! What's going to be on this blog?"
Oh you know....this and that! Actually I have no idea! I am not a real creative type to create all the cute things you can find in a TPT or a TN store, BUT I would be willing to give it a try! (might take me a while!) So for right now I think I will stick with just talking about my day and sharing cool ideas from other blogs...we will see which way the wind sweeping down the plains take me! (See what I did there? LOL, I crack myself up!)

So please hang in there with me as my blog transforms and becomes something amazing (hopefully), thanks for taking the time to read and follow me!

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