Saturday, December 21, 2013

Five for Friday (Ok, Saturday) and Yule Logs?

One of my wonderful coworkers saw that I always had a paper towel or stack of klennex under my glass of water. She bought me the awesome thirsty stone for Christmas! I also got a car candle, LSU Garden Stone, and a bunch of sweets! I work with some amazing people that make me laugh and feel loved daily!

Getting mom's Christmas Present ready! She has a NOOK Color and has been asking (more like hounding) me for an iPad. I have been telling her she didn't need an iPad and my dad told her she could have a Kindle  and she said "I don't want a stupid Kindle" (no offense to Kindle lovers). We bought her an iPad Mini and I had the genius idea of wrapping it in a Kindle Fire Box (hehehe). Again, my amazing coworkers came through and hooked me up with a Kindle Fire Box. 

Every year we drive 6 hours to my Gma's in Louisiana. Since I have gotten older, we open our presents before we leave so we don't have to pack them (don't worry, we still have AWESOME stockings). This is EXACTLY the results I wanted when she opened her iPad Mini....

Her look is priceless! She really really really didn't want a kindle!

When she realized it was an iPad!
We had it engraved with...

"You don't need and iPad"

Bottom Layer: Kitchen Flooring
Middle Layer: My Kitchen Counter top and cabinet stain sample (at the top)
Top: Wall color
Cabinet color and style

Exterior finishes. I will have a metal roof.

Possibly my exterior lights
Finalizing my house finishes. The footings were dug Thursday and poured Friday, it is one big muddy mess right now because of the rain. They are suppose to come frame out the foundation sometime next week!

Ice Storm???? Sigh.... at least we haven't lost power! Had to knock some ice off the satillite dish so we could have least I can watch my Hallmark Movies now with this snuggle buddy...

Enough said!

Onto the Yule Logs...

In the weeks leading up to our winter break my kiddos and I took a pre-vacation around the world! Thanks to Sarah Cooley at First Last! for her AMAZING Christmas Around the World Scrapbook, the kids loved it! We went all over the place but our stop in France was the most memorable. In France they celebrate with Yule Logs, so we made our own! These are some of my favorites that my little darlings made:

Yes those are Swiss Rolls and M&M's. There should of been frosting, but I was pushing our "no sugary snacks" policy. My little darlings made it work and had fun doing it! I truly enjoyed watching them be creative. One of my Autistic Darlings who very rarely expresses anything not in monotone voice or in meltdown mode, wanted to know how to make a real Yule Log, so while they were making them I found this video on YouTube...he told me "Um yeah, mine for sure isn't going to look like that!" (His is the bottom one) we just giggled together. I highly recommend checking out all of Sara's cool things on her TPT Store!

Now to leave you with another funny story...

That same Autistic Darling's class was having hot chocolate in their class when I came to pick them up for my class time. He wanted to know if he could bring it with him and I said of course! As he was walking towards me and his teacher he almost spilled it, but he caught himself and saved it from spilling! I told him "B why don't you hold it with both hands" and without missing a beat he said "Are you kidding me? It's hot!" I replied, "Well would you like for me to carry it?" again without missing a beat he said "What for you to drink it? Think again Tim!" He was on a roll this week! It always makes me happy when he is witty and happy like he was this week!

Sorry this was so long, but I wanted to share my funnies with you! I want to leave you with one last note...

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  1. I love the joke you played on your mom - that is classic!